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Ask the Ass Master: Questions from Women


Dear Ass Master,
My boyfriend keeps telling me that if I learn to eat his ass deep enough, I could lick his prostate. Is that really true?
Betty, OH

Unless you have an abnormally long tongue, I don't believe you will be able to lick your boyfriend's prostate. The prostate is a small gland located above the rectum and at the bottom of the bladder. It surrounds the urethra like a life preserver. You can massage the prostate with a finger or ass toy, but your tongue just cannot stick far enough out to do any good.

I suspect your boyfriend really gets off on having his ass eaten. The next time he's telling you to eat deeper and lick his prostate, why not give him a surprise. Slip a hand into a well lubricated rubber glove and slide a finger into his ass. He may object a little at first. But once you start stroking his prostate and gently pulling on his balls with your other hand, he'll be shooting his load and weak in the knees in no time.

Dear Ass Master,
My husband has a really hairy ass. Lately he has been wondering what it would feel like to have me shave his ass before eating him out. I'm used to eating his round furry butt. What if I get razor burns? Worse yet, what if I cut him? I've never shaved a butt crack before. What should I do?
Tina, CA

The debate over ass shaving has been going on for a long time. Those who are into it will tell you that they feel a heightened sensation without the hair. So it is possible that your husband would go wild if you ate his smooth hairless ass. But please consider the risks. As shaving causes small cuts in the skin, it is considered an unsafe sex practice. If you are going to do this, please follow some basic safety tips for shaving.

  • Trim the hair in the area down with an electric trimmer or scissors.
  • Have him sit in a hot bath to soften the skin and hair.
  • Use a shaving gel formulated for sensitive skin or women's shaving.
  • Always use a new disposable razor designed for sensitive skin.
  • Never use a straight razor unless you are a trained professional.
  • Be gentle and take your time. Trying to hurry will only cause you to nick the sensitive skin of his ass.

Dear Ass Master,
My boyfriend is addicted to working out and showing off his strength. I was wondering if you could suggest a position for eating his ass that would give him a challenge for his muscles.
Sue, IN

Have your boyfriend stand on his hands in front of you. With his legs leaning on your shoulders, you can easily lower your face into his ass. See how long you can eat him before his elbows weaken and he crumbles to the floor.

Another variation of this would be to have your boyfriend lean as far as he can over a counter or table. Then lift his legs up and rest them across your shoulders. Now as you eat his ass, have him do push ups on the counter. See if he can really do a hundred push ups with your tongue in his hole.

Dear Ass Master,
My boyfriend really likes it if I eat his ass before giving him a blowjob. The problem is that he refuses to eat my ass before going down on me. He says it isn't really safe. Is this true or is he just being lazy?
Amy, UT

Your boyfriend does bring up a good point. Never put anything that has been in an ass directly into any other orifice without thoroughly cleaning it first. Even the cleanest butt can have bacteria that can cause infection in other parts of the body. While the risks to your boyfriend are far less than they are to you, he still could get a urethral infection and you should wash your mouth out before sucking his cock.

A good thing to try is to mix up a glass of one part hydrogen peroxide with two parts water. Keep this and an empty container for spitting close at hand. When he's through working on your ass, have him take some of the solution and rinse his mouth out good with it. He should spit, then rinse a second time and spit again. This should kill the majority of bacteria in his mouth and make it relatively safe for him to go down on your pussy. This little diversion may seem like a bit of a mood killer, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Dear Ass Master,
My boyfriend likes me to rub and apply pressure to his perineum (his "taint) while I eat his ass. It seems to drive him into ecstasy. Is there something to this or is he just a freak?
Mary, OR

I'm guessing your boyfriend is testing out his version of the ancient waterfall technique. This is a very old concept that with practice, works well for a lot of men. The idea is simple. Before a man reaches climax, pressure is applied to the perineum just behind the balls. (For those who don't know, the perineum is the area of skin between the sexual organs and the anus.) If this is done correctly and soon enough, the man will feel the experience of an orgasm without ejaculating. Repeat the process several times, building him up and applying pressure before he cums. When he does finally shoot his load, it will be stronger and far more earth shattering than the average orgasm. Many men like to use this technique to give them staying power so they can fuck longer. If you're into a long session of lovemaking, this is something to try.


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